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WELCOME, Champions!

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You have come to the right place if you are looking to take your greatness to the next level.

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Here is all the info and links to everything we have been talking about, plus a few freebies we have put together just for you!


Michala Maly.

Michala Maly

Hi, my name is Michala and I'm the founder of BLACKBELT MENTLIATY.

We empower athletes and high-performance teams to exceed their limitations on their journey to unwavering success. We specialise in mindset mastery, mental peak performance training and athletic wellbeing for enduring results.

Dedicated To Athletic Peak Performance, Mindset Excellence, Mental Toughness, & 360° Athletic Wellbeing.

You are here because you know you are destined for more. And you are right!
If you are aiming for athletic excellence, it's crucial to delve into topics such as mindset, peak performance, and wellbeing.  Did you know that understanding and refining your mental approach is even more important than physical training? In fact, 80% of your results are based on a strong, resilient mindset which can propel you to achieve peak performance levels and maintain your overall wellbeing. By integrating mental strategies with your physical routines, you can create a more comprehensive approach that elevates your athletic capabilities.
Start rethinking your approach today. Begin to view every challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. Embrace this new way of thinking, and watch how it transforms your performance and results.

Athlete's Success Guide To Peak Performance

Discover the concept of BLACKBELT MENTALITY and learn more about 8 fundamental mindset pillars which will help you take your sporting journey to the next level.

Self-Assessment Tool For Athletes

This impactful profiling tool will help you gain a better understanding of where you are on your athletic journey and set the foundation for continuous improvement in various areas of your training and performance.

Join Our Online

Get involved and subscribe to our BLACKBELT MENTALITY Facebook group.

It's a wonderful opportunity to meet likeminded athletes, get support and learn more about what we do and the results we achieve with our clients.

Disclaimer: Please be advised not to rely solely on these free resources. At BLACKBELT MENTALITY, we are committed to providing a hyper-personalised training, coaching and mentorship experiences tailored to your unique situation and goals. Our individualised approach empowers you to develop the most effective mindset and peak performance strategy to achieve unwavering success in every area of your personal and professional life.

Plan Your Success And You Will Succeed!

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." - Benjamin Franklin 1790.
Are you ready to elevate your productivity and master your goals?
It's time to plan to be a champion at everything you want to achieve in life!
Learn how to leverage this powerful High-Performance Planner to boost your efficiency and maximise your results through effective weekly planning and goal-setting. 


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