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BORN TO Lead, BORN TO Succeed.

This is our story! And we are thrilled to share it with you. On this page, you will discover more about Michala Maly - the founder of BLACKBELT MENTALITY and what inspired her to build this incredible success framework for athletes and high-performance teams.

You are here because you know you are meant for more, am I right?

And the truth is: You absolutely are!

Together, we will help you develop a mental toughness that will revolutionise how you train, practice and compete.

Will it be easy and quick? No.

Will it be worth every ounce of effort? Absolutely!

Meet Michala.

Hi, I'm Michala Maly, and I'm thrilled you're here!
I can't wait to help you rediscover and redefine yourself as an athlete and ignite your champion's mindset which will become your most valuable asset on your athletic journey towards unwavering and long-lasting success in all areas of your life. But before we start - here is a bit about me, so you know who you will be working with.

As a passionate athlete, loving mother and partner, I found my purpose in shining my light of knowledge, passion and expertise and guide ambitious athletes on their path to unwavering, long-lasting success at every stage of their athletic journey, because - let's be honest - it's quite easy to get lost in life sometimes.

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Belief And Trust.

Before we jump into our athletic development story, we just want to take a moment to acknowledge everyone who has been part of our journey, everyone who believes in us and everyone who trusts in our framework which we have created to revolutionise the sporting industry by cultivating leaders who implement our mental toughness and sustainable life strategies. Thank you to all our families and friends who have been supporting us in sharing our knowledge and passion.

Become An Elite Athlete & You Will Learn Everything You Need To Succeed In Life.

Hi, I'm Michala Maly

And I’m going to share a powerful truth: Sport is not just a way to stay fit. It's a transformative journey that arms you with the tools to conquer every challenge life throws your way.


And trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve faced my share of excruciating pain and challenges growing up.

Being an athlete has forged the mindset of a champion within me, helping me become the best version of myself for others athletes like yourself to be led and empowered to exceed the limitations you and others set upon yourself.

My mission is to revolutionise the sporting industry by elevating athletes to peak performance, ensuring their journey is marked by continuous growth, 360 -degree athlete's wellbeing and long-term results, not burnout.

I want to inspire you to embrace sport because it has profoundly shaped how I approach challenges and opportunities in life. 

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Through sports, I’ve discovered invaluable lessons that go far beyond the playing field. I’ve learned what it takes to achieve success and how to embrace failure in my personal and professional life - including moving to Australia and starting a business in a highly competitive industry.

As a young athlete and captain to many junior teams, I’ve mastered the art of dealing with pressure, expectations and  managing performance anxiety. I have developed unwavering discipline, persistence and consistency which still translate into everything I do.

Sports have taught me to cultivate a BLACKBELT MENTALITY and embody these lessons which have shaped me into the person I am today, ready to take on any challenge life throws my way.

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At the age of 16, my former volleyball coach doubted my abilities as an all-round player due to my body height. I didn’t let it break me; instead, I used it as motivation to work even harder and prove him wrong. I got myself outside of my comfort zone and moved on to another club not even 12 months later, I was discovered as a talent to join one of the regions most developed high-performance teams.

I even dare to say that I was probably the only player in history of Swiss volleyball national leagues who ever played as an outside hitter, middle blocker and opposite - with a body height of just 168cm. 

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Sports provided me with a sanctuary during one of the most challenging periods of my life.

As a teenager, I faced the emotional turmoil of my mother being diagnosed with MS. Training became my escape, offering me solace and a sense of purpose amid the chaos. The rush of dopamine from physical exercise and academic success helped me cope with the emotional pain I was enduring. Little did I understand at that time that sport became my mentor, teaching me important life lessons like resilience, confidence and trust.


I want athletes to see sport for what it truly is - a coach and a mentor that guides and prepares you for life’s challenges and how to turn setbacks into comebacks.

"You can't win unless you learn how to lose." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Through sport, you learn the true meaning of discipline: You show up on time, adhere to your meal and training plans, and practice a skill thousands of times until you master them. The same is true when you work on your academic or professional career.  As an athlete, you won't even think about these things - they already are part of your identity: You show up on time, work hard, focus on your goals and deliver your best results.

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Sports teach you to harness your potential, push through barriers, and rise to any challenge life throws at you.


It’s not just about winning; it’s about the person you become in the process.


The dedication, hard work, and resilience you develop through sport transcend the game and shape your character, preparing you for every aspect of life.


So, whether you’re an aspiring athlete or someone seeking personal growth, let sport be your teacher. Embrace its lessons, and you’ll develop an unstoppable mindset that will propel you to greatness.


Together, we can turn your dreams into reality. Let’s embark on this incredible journey and make every moment count!

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On my volleyball journey, I've had the privilege to connect with extraordinary individuals. I played alongside men and women who have represented their countries on the world stage - Australia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Russia, and Switzerland.

I've also collaborated with former Olympic swimmers, professional soccer players, black belt BJJ fighters, ice hockey players, personal trainers, sports physios, psychiatrists, sporting clubs, and junior athletes.

These remarkable individuals continue to inspire me and keep me accountable. They share their secrets of mental toughness and what it takes to succeed at the highest levels. Their insights have been invaluable, teaching me what it truly takes to win in the arena of elite sports.

Certifications, Coaching Methods And Experience.

Michala is a coach who is certified by the International Coaching Federation. She’s also a powerhouse in mindset mastery and peak performance.

As an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, she leverages the transformative power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

And with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), she breaks through emotional barriers, unleashing the full potential of athletes to achieve greatness.

Michala’s mentorship and leadership are forged from two decades as an elite athlete.


After retiring from high-performance sports in 2004, she reignited her passion in 2011/2012 when she moved to Australia.

Her journey, filled with relentless drive and dedication, has shaped her into a dynamic force in mindset and peak performance training, coaching, and mentoring - inspiring athletes to reach their highest potential.

In 2023, Michala launched BLACKBELT MENTALITY to empower ambitious athletes and high-performance teams.


Her mission is to amplify their success with world-class performance strategies and mental toughness training, ensuring their journey is fueled by growth, not burnout. 

41 years old
and stronger than ever!

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Born In Switzerland


Favourite Number


Positions Played


"Have you ever wondered what it means to be the MVP (Most Valuable Player)?

In the world of high performance, it's tempting to just focus on the points, the tangible results you bring to a team. 

But let me tell you, being an MVP is so much more than just scoring. It's about the impact you have on your teammates and the game. When you are a true leader, your presence ignites confidence in your team, empowering them to pull off a championship win even when you're down 24-18 in the third set after losing the first two.

It's the heart of a champion, the relentless belief that nothing is over until it's over.

That’s the true power of an MVP. It is the power of YOU!"

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